About RAVE


Respect Artistic Value Everywhere


What is RAVE?

RAVE stands for Respect Artistic Value Everywhere. It’s a movement to restore the integrity of a creative enterprise that is threatened by copyright infringement, decreasing remuneration, and a growing attitude that all art should be free for consumers, regardless of the investment of time, labor, and materials it takes the creators to produce it.

RAVE asks that people who use creative works that are not their own at the very least credit the author/painter/musician/photographer and provide a link to their work so that others can explore that work and potentially purchase and/or support it. Where and when possible, RAVE also asks that artists be paid in some way for the use of their work, preferably in a manner that supports the original creator’s continuing efforts.

Current copyright laws do protect artists’ rights to some degree in many of these regards, but without industry representation, many creative people, particularly those at the beginnings of their careers, are unable to enforce them. The RAVE movement hopes to counter current trends toward a devaluation of art in public life, particularly on the Internet.

Sign on today and help restore a more vibrant creative culture around the globe.

How do I sign on?

It’s easy. No need to sign an Internet petition, make a donation to some nonprofit group, or provide all of your personal information to some unknown, third-party company.

Just do it.

Then pass it on and pay it forward.


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